Wednesday, August 12, 2015

learn these sentences

  1. Brihadeeswara temple is very old.(old)
  2. It is an ancient monument of more than 1000 years old.(ancient)
  3. Old people often go to the old and ancient temples.
  4. The captain commands his team and gives orders.( command and order.)
  5. You can grow vegetables at home too.(grow)
  6. You can develop good habits.( develop)
  7. Why are you sad? (sad) Don't get disappointed.( disappointed)
  8. You are your own friend and you are your own enemy.(enemy)
  9. The opponent defeated  the  other contestant.( opponent)
  10. She was furious and very angry with her husband.(Furious .angry)
  11. I heard the giggle of the girl typists.(giggle)
  12. The ladies cackled when the hero stepped down from his car.(cackle)
  13. Idle and lazy people cannot achieve anything in life.(Idle and lazy)
  14. He is the kin and relative related by blood.(kin and relative)
  15. They all attended the party with kith and kin.(Kith -friend)
  16. you can be happy and you can be merry when you ride the Merry-go-round.(Happy and merry)
  17. He is my best pal and friend.(pal and friend)
  18. Peace and calm can prevail if everyone is happy and contented,(peace  and calm)
  19. Everyone will admire and praise  the person who helps others when in need.( admire and praise).
  20. Are you puzzled and confused with this article?(puzzled and confused)
  21. you must be swift and quick in picking up new words and meanings.(swift and quick)
  22. It is indeed a good thing to really refer to the dictionary often.(indeed and really)
  23. The dog sniffed at the box and smelled the bomb.(sniffed and smelled-smelt)
  24. You must not use rough and harsh words if you really want to be  a friend.(rough and harsh)
  25.  You can win and achieve victory,if you know how to master yourself.(win and victory)
  26. We can achieve anything if we are together and united.(together and united)
  27. Upcoming and forthcoming events cast their shadows before. (upcoming and forthcoming)
  28. Are you amazed and surprised when he won the elections?( amazed and surprised)
  29. Dog is a faithful and loyal animal.(faithful and loyal)
  30. You need not be unhappy and sad if you cannot do something right in the first time.(unhappy and sad).

what does he do?

  1. An astronomer- studies the stars.
  2. A geologist-  studies rocks and soils
  3.  A musician- plays music.
  4. A hawker - sells fruits in the street.
  5. A florist - sells flowers.
  6. A carpenter- makes furniture.
  7. A pilot- plays an aeroplane
  8.  A referee -judges the games.
  9. A teacher- teaches lessons.
  10. A doctor- treats patients.

Collective Nouns

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

conjugation of English verbs active and passive voice

  1. I play foot-ball. The foot -ball is played by me.
  2. I am playing foot-ball.The foot ball  is being played by me.
  3. I have played foot-ball.The foot -ball has been played by me.
  4. I have been playing foot-ball. No Passive voice.
  5. I played foot-ball. The foot-ball was played by me.
  6. I was playing football.The football was being played by me.
  7. I had played football. The football had been played by me.
  8. I had been playing football. No Passive voice.
  9. I will play football. The football will be played by me.
  10. I will be playing football. NO Passive voice.
  11. I will have played football. The football will have been played by me.
  12. I will have been playing football.  No Passive voice.
  13. Note::::: In active voice we have 12 sentences.
  14. In Passive voice we have only 8 sentences.
  15. You have to learn all verbs conjugations
  16. To see is infinitive.
  17. see- saw-seen-sees-seeing.
  18. he sees/she sees/it sees.
  19. I am seeing / I was seeing/ I will be seeing/
  20. All verbs having object  /s are Transitive verbs.
  21. Verbs having no object/s are Intransitive verbs.
  22. I eat slowly. No object.ask the question what or which? No answer.
  23. I eat chocolate.Object chocolate. what do you eat? which one do you eat? chocolate is the answer and the object.
  24. I hope your doubts are cleared.
  25. Learn all conjugation of all verbs especially of the Transitive verbs which have object/s.

conjugation of English verbs

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


  1. yeh meri kalam hai.This is my pen.
  2. yeh kiski kithaab hai? Whose book is this?
  3. Raam nay seethako woh dhey diya.Rama has given that to Seetha.
  4. Unhonay ,un dhonay nay Panchavati gayeh.They both went to Panchavati.
  5. yeh kalam mera hai. This is my pen.Theraa kalam kidher hai?Thumhara kalam kidher hai? aapkaa kalam kidher hai?uska kalam kahan hai? uski kalam kidher hai? unkaa ghar kidher hai?
  6. Yeh aapkaa goda bahuth achcha hai.Hamara goda bahuth achcha hai. Mera goda achcha hai. bye bye.
  7. Your horse is nice. our horse is nice. My horse is nice.
  8. Agar thum mera ghar aayega tho kya lay ayegaa.
  9. Myn thumhara ghar awwoonga mujeh kya dhewogay?
  10. If you come to my house what will you bring for me?
  11. If I come to your house what will you give me?
  12. way kithaabay thumhari hai.Those are your books.
  13. uskee beti Uma hai. her daughter is Uma.
  14. mynay kal thumhay Naidu hall mayn dhekaa,
  15. I saw you in Naidu hall yesterday.
  16. Mynay Raam ko dhekah. usnay yeh phal thumko diya.
  17. I saw Ram yesterday. he gave this fruit to you.for you.
  18. Usnay kisko diya? For whom did he give? mujeh for me
  19. maano yaa naa maano myn thumhara mehmaan hoon.
  20. Agree or disagree I am your guest.
  21. Dadi amma dadhi amma maan jaaw.
  22. grand ma grand maa please agree.
  23. usnay iski mooh dekha He saw this girl's face.
  24. Hum yeh achchi thara jaanthay hein.
  25. We know this very well.
  26. Way mujsay kahthay hein. They tell me.
  27. Mynah bola yeh mera kaam naheen hai.
  28. I told that is not my job.
  29. ussay yake gadi lay aawo.Bring one watch from him.
  30. usko Rs .500/- dhay dho. give him Rs. 500/-
  31. wo gaanv may rahtha hai.He lives in a village.
  32. Hum sahar mayn rahthey hein.We live in the town/city.
  33. Ganga uththar mayn hein.Mother Ganga,river Ganga is in the north.
  34. ussnay wahan say pavitra ganga jal lay aaya. He brought the sacred holy water from there.
  35. Kissan dafthar mayn kaam naheen kartha.Farmer does not work in the office.
  36. Kisnay Ramayan likhee? Valmiki nay.
  37. Who wrote Ramayana? Sage Vaalmeeki.
  38. Chatrapathi Sivaji nay bola yake veer kay jaisey ladoh.
  39. Chatrapthi Sivaji told him."fight like a hero."
  40. Benaras Ganga kay thut per hai.Benaras is on the bank of Ganges.
  41. Hum Cinema chalthay hein.Aap bhee aathay hein kya?
  42. We are going to the cinema.Are you also coming with us?
  43. Pithaa nay usko dho maar diya.Father gave two beatings to him
  44. Bahen nay apni saadi khud  dhoyee.sister washed her clothes herself.
  45. Kuthay nay wo ladkay ko kaata. The dog bit him.
  46. Wo kuthay ko naheen kaataa. He did not bite the dog.
  47. Usnay yeh laddoo Neelu kay liyeh banayaa.
  48. He made this laddoo for Neelu.
  49. Thum apnay pithaa ka naam idher likho.
  50. You write your father's name here.
  51. Nandu kee chatri laal hai.
  52. Nandu's umbrella  is red.
  53. Woh Saroja kee beti hai.She is Saroja's daughter.
  54. wo mujeh dhay dho.Give that to me.
  55. yeh kaam mujsay naheen hoga. This work will not be done by me.I cannot do this job.
  56. unhonay Vasista maharishi ko paas gaya. They went to Vasista maharishi.
  57. Kisnay kisko wahan kya bola? who told whom in that place?
  58. Achchi taraah bolna kisiko bhee maaloom naheen hai.
  59. No one knows how to speak well.
  60. Yeh kisko chaheeyeh?Who wants this?