Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

learn these sentences

  1. Brihadeeswara temple is very old.(old)
  2. It is an ancient monument of more than 1000 years old.(ancient)
  3. Old people often go to the old and ancient temples.
  4. The captain commands his team and gives orders.( command and order.)
  5. You can grow vegetables at home too.(grow)
  6. You can develop good habits.( develop)
  7. Why are you sad? (sad) Don't get disappointed.( disappointed)
  8. You are your own friend and you are your own enemy.(enemy)
  9. The opponent defeated  the  other contestant.( opponent)
  10. She was furious and very angry with her husband.(Furious .angry)
  11. I heard the giggle of the girl typists.(giggle)
  12. The ladies cackled when the hero stepped down from his car.(cackle)
  13. Idle and lazy people cannot achieve anything in life.(Idle and lazy)
  14. He is the kin and relative related by blood.(kin and relative)
  15. They all attended the party with kith and kin.(Kith -friend)
  16. you can be happy and you can be merry when you ride the Merry-go-round.(Happy and merry)
  17. He is my best pal and friend.(pal and friend)
  18. Peace and calm can prevail if everyone is happy and contented,(peace  and calm)
  19. Everyone will admire and praise  the person who helps others when in need.( admire and praise).
  20. Are you puzzled and confused with this article?(puzzled and confused)
  21. you must be swift and quick in picking up new words and meanings.(swift and quick)
  22. It is indeed a good thing to really refer to the dictionary often.(indeed and really)
  23. The dog sniffed at the box and smelled the bomb.(sniffed and smelled-smelt)
  24. You must not use rough and harsh words if you really want to be  a friend.(rough and harsh)
  25.  You can win and achieve victory,if you know how to master yourself.(win and victory)
  26. We can achieve anything if we are together and united.(together and united)
  27. Upcoming and forthcoming events cast their shadows before. (upcoming and forthcoming)
  28. Are you amazed and surprised when he won the elections?( amazed and surprised)
  29. Dog is a faithful and loyal animal.(faithful and loyal)
  30. You need not be unhappy and sad if you cannot do something right in the first time.(unhappy and sad).

what does he do?

  1. An astronomer- studies the stars.
  2. A geologist-  studies rocks and soils
  3.  A musician- plays music.
  4. A hawker - sells fruits in the street.
  5. A florist - sells flowers.
  6. A carpenter- makes furniture.
  7. A pilot- plays an aeroplane
  8.  A referee -judges the games.
  9. A teacher- teaches lessons.
  10. A doctor- treats patients.

Collective Nouns

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

conjugation of English verbs active and passive voice

  1. I play foot-ball. The foot -ball is played by me.
  2. I am playing foot-ball.The foot ball  is being played by me.
  3. I have played foot-ball.The foot -ball has been played by me.
  4. I have been playing foot-ball. No Passive voice.
  5. I played foot-ball. The foot-ball was played by me.
  6. I was playing football.The football was being played by me.
  7. I had played football. The football had been played by me.
  8. I had been playing football. No Passive voice.
  9. I will play football. The football will be played by me.
  10. I will be playing football. NO Passive voice.
  11. I will have played football. The football will have been played by me.
  12. I will have been playing football.  No Passive voice.
  13. Note::::: In active voice we have 12 sentences.
  14. In Passive voice we have only 8 sentences.
  15. You have to learn all verbs conjugations
  16. To see is infinitive.
  17. see- saw-seen-sees-seeing.
  18. he sees/she sees/it sees.
  19. I am seeing / I was seeing/ I will be seeing/
  20. All verbs having object  /s are Transitive verbs.
  21. Verbs having no object/s are Intransitive verbs.
  22. I eat slowly. No object.ask the question what or which? No answer.
  23. I eat chocolate.Object chocolate. what do you eat? which one do you eat? chocolate is the answer and the object.
  24. I hope your doubts are cleared.
  25. Learn all conjugation of all verbs especially of the Transitive verbs which have object/s.

conjugation of English verbs

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


  1. yeh meri kalam hai.This is my pen.
  2. yeh kiski kithaab hai? Whose book is this?
  3. Raam nay seethako woh dhey diya.Rama has given that to Seetha.
  4. Unhonay ,un dhonay nay Panchavati gayeh.They both went to Panchavati.
  5. yeh kalam mera hai. This is my pen.Theraa kalam kidher hai?Thumhara kalam kidher hai? aapkaa kalam kidher hai?uska kalam kahan hai? uski kalam kidher hai? unkaa ghar kidher hai?
  6. Yeh aapkaa goda bahuth achcha hai.Hamara goda bahuth achcha hai. Mera goda achcha hai. bye bye.
  7. Your horse is nice. our horse is nice. My horse is nice.
  8. Agar thum mera ghar aayega tho kya lay ayegaa.
  9. Myn thumhara ghar awwoonga mujeh kya dhewogay?
  10. If you come to my house what will you bring for me?
  11. If I come to your house what will you give me?
  12. way kithaabay thumhari hai.Those are your books.
  13. uskee beti Uma hai. her daughter is Uma.
  14. mynay kal thumhay Naidu hall mayn dhekaa,
  15. I saw you in Naidu hall yesterday.
  16. Mynay Raam ko dhekah. usnay yeh phal thumko diya.
  17. I saw Ram yesterday. he gave this fruit to you.for you.
  18. Usnay kisko diya? For whom did he give? mujeh for me
  19. maano yaa naa maano myn thumhara mehmaan hoon.
  20. Agree or disagree I am your guest.
  21. Dadi amma dadhi amma maan jaaw.
  22. grand ma grand maa please agree.
  23. usnay iski mooh dekha He saw this girl's face.
  24. Hum yeh achchi thara jaanthay hein.
  25. We know this very well.
  26. Way mujsay kahthay hein. They tell me.
  27. Mynah bola yeh mera kaam naheen hai.
  28. I told that is not my job.
  29. ussay yake gadi lay aawo.Bring one watch from him.
  30. usko Rs .500/- dhay dho. give him Rs. 500/-
  31. wo gaanv may rahtha hai.He lives in a village.
  32. Hum sahar mayn rahthey hein.We live in the town/city.
  33. Ganga uththar mayn hein.Mother Ganga,river Ganga is in the north.
  34. ussnay wahan say pavitra ganga jal lay aaya. He brought the sacred holy water from there.
  35. Kissan dafthar mayn kaam naheen kartha.Farmer does not work in the office.
  36. Kisnay Ramayan likhee? Valmiki nay.
  37. Who wrote Ramayana? Sage Vaalmeeki.
  38. Chatrapathi Sivaji nay bola yake veer kay jaisey ladoh.
  39. Chatrapthi Sivaji told him."fight like a hero."
  40. Benaras Ganga kay thut per hai.Benaras is on the bank of Ganges.
  41. Hum Cinema chalthay hein.Aap bhee aathay hein kya?
  42. We are going to the cinema.Are you also coming with us?
  43. Pithaa nay usko dho maar diya.Father gave two beatings to him
  44. Bahen nay apni saadi khud  dhoyee.sister washed her clothes herself.
  45. Kuthay nay wo ladkay ko kaata. The dog bit him.
  46. Wo kuthay ko naheen kaataa. He did not bite the dog.
  47. Usnay yeh laddoo Neelu kay liyeh banayaa.
  48. He made this laddoo for Neelu.
  49. Thum apnay pithaa ka naam idher likho.
  50. You write your father's name here.
  51. Nandu kee chatri laal hai.
  52. Nandu's umbrella  is red.
  53. Woh Saroja kee beti hai.She is Saroja's daughter.
  54. wo mujeh dhay dho.Give that to me.
  55. yeh kaam mujsay naheen hoga. This work will not be done by me.I cannot do this job.
  56. unhonay Vasista maharishi ko paas gaya. They went to Vasista maharishi.
  57. Kisnay kisko wahan kya bola? who told whom in that place?
  58. Achchi taraah bolna kisiko bhee maaloom naheen hai.
  59. No one knows how to speak well.
  60. Yeh kisko chaheeyeh?Who wants this?

Friday, July 17, 2015


  1. Thoo idher/ yahan aaa.
  2. Thoo yahan byte.
  3. Thoo kidher jaaatha hai?
  4. Thoo kya khaathaa hai?
  5. Thoo yeh aaam kha.
  6. Thoo woh kaam kar.
  7. Thoo yeh lay.
  8. Thoo wo kaam abhi kar.
  9. Thoo yeh kaam phir /bhaadh may kar.
  10. Thoo subah uttt.
  11. Thoo snaan kar. 
  12. Thoo mandhir jaa.
  13. Thoo pooja kar.
  14. Thoo yeh maango.
  15. Thoo wo kareedho.
  16. Thoo wo bejdoh.
  17. Thoo yahan muth rona.
  18. Thoo khoob hasoh.
  19. Thoo wo gadi leykar market jaa.
  20. Thoo is gadi mayn muth byte.
  21. Thoo kal jaldi aaa,
  22. Thoo kal kyoon dhare say aaya?
  23. Thoo abhi soja.
  24. Thoo idher dekh.
  25. Thoo wahan muth dekh.
  26. Thoo dhin mayn kaam kar.
  27. Thoo raath mayn soja.
  28. Thoo ghar jaa.
  29. Thoo dhoodh pee.
  30. Thoo yeh likh.
  31. Thoo yeh sunn.
  32. Thoo yeh muth bhool.
  33. Thoo such bole.
  34. Thoo jhoot muth bole.
  35. Thoo yeh  kaam kudh kar
  36. Thoo usko yahan bulaav.
  37. Thoo khaana khaa.
  38. Thoo Paani pee.
  39. Thoo wo paththar thode.
  40. Thoo wo gaddeh ko muth maro.
  41. Thoo kown hai?
  42. Thoo kya soach thaa hai?
  43. Thoo yeh paat pud.
  44. Thoo yeh chain owr lamba kar.
  45. Thoo yeh chain  ka wajan dekh.
  46. Thoo isko aisaa bada kar.
  47. Thoo usko aisaa chota kar.
  48. Thoo yeh kaam aiysa kar.
  49. Thoo waisa muth kar.
  50. Thoo yeh kaam jaantha hai kya?
  51. Thoo subah kya kartha hai?
  52. Thoo garam paani peee.
  53. Thoo tanda paani mayn snaan kar.
  54. Thoo chuppp byte.
  55. Thoo yahan shore muth machaa.
  56. Thoo 1000 rupya dhoh.
  57. Thoo udher jaldi chal.
  58. Thoo mujeh madath kar.
  59. Thoo aankey kolkar kaam kar.
  60. Thoo wo roti kareedkar idher aaa.
  61. Thoo wo chain bechkar paisaa laa.
  62. Thoo yahan say jaldi bagh.
  63. Thoo mera baath sunn.
  64. Thoo yake kahani likh.
  65. Thoo yahan khada hojaa.
  66. Thoo idher rukk jaa.
  67. Thoo wo sona idher rakh.
  68. Thoo hamesha such bole.
  69. Thoo kabhi jhoot muth bole.
  70. Thoo mujeh Naidu hall mayn mill.
  71. Thoo abhi kahan jaatha hai?
  72. Thoo yeh sonaa thole.
  73. Thoo mujeh yeh sumjaaav.
  74. Thoo hotel jaa.iddli chaar karreedh.Doh Thoo khaa.Mujeh dho lay aaa.
  75. Thoo kisko pasand kartha hai?
  76. Thoo kownsa dhukaan mayn kaam kartha hai?
  77. Thoo kyoon aisa kartha hai?
  78. Thoo yeh kaisa kartha hai?
  79. Thoo kub khaaanaa khaathaa hai?
  80. Thoo abhi kahan jaathaa hai?
  81. Thoo kithna roti khaathaa hai?
  82. Thoo mujeh kithna pyaar kartha hai?
  83. Thoo dukhan say kabhi wapas aatha hai?
  84. Thoo dhukhan say kabhi lowtthaa hai?
  85. Thoo achchi tarah Hindi sikh.
  86. Thoo achchi tarah Hindi sikhaav.
  87. Thoo chennai mayn Taj hotel mayn taher.
  88. Thoo wahan say uttt.
  89. Thoo zyadha udd nahieen saktha hai.
  90. Thoo roaj cinema muth dekh.
  91. Thoo hamesha jaldi utt.
  92. Thoo bath room yake hindi gaana gaav.
  93. Thoo ghar mayn hee rah.idher udher muth baagh.
  94. Thoo kya zyadha chahthaa hai?Khaaneka, peenekaa, sonekaa, bolnekaa, idher udher phirnekaa, dekhnekaa????
  95. Thoo kya pasand kartha hai? meetaa, yaa namkeen?
  96. Thoo subko pyaar kar.
  97. Thoo kisiko nindhaa muth kar.
  98. Thoo akeylaa kela muth khaa.
  99. Thoo bada ameer bun jaa.
  100. Thoo ussay jaaanthaa hai kya?
  101. Thoo kyoon thuk ithna jaldi thak gaya?
  102. Thoo yahan mere saaath aisa muth khel.
  103. Thoo  yeh pasand kartha hai kya?
  104. Thoo kisko zyadha pasand kartha hai?
  105. Thoo Hindi gaana sunn.
  106. Thoo kiskaa bhai hai?
  107. Thoo gaana kissay/kaisay sunthaa hai?
  108. Thoo pahela snaan kar/phir achchaa kapda pehan.

Monday, June 29, 2015


  1. Myn sabereh Jaldi jagoonga.
  2. Myn subah jaldi utoonga.
  3. Myn jaldi jaldi haath moonh saaf karoonga.
  4. Myn phir snaan karoonga.
  5. Myn phir coffee peewonga.
  6. Myn iskay baadh breakfast khawoonga.
  7. Myn phir achcha dress pehnoonga.
  8. Myn office kay liyeh/school kay liyeh thayyar ho jawoonga.
  9. Myn dhus bajeh office pahachoonga.
  10. Myn mera kaam suroo karoonga.
  11. Myn phone may unkay saath boloonga.
  12. Myn usko sawal poochoonga.
  13. Myn seedha seedha jawab dewoonga.
  14. Myn dhus cheezen kareedhoonga.
  15. Myn paanch chocolate ghar lay jawoonga.
  16. Myn woh mereh bachhonko dewoonga.
  17. Myn 10000 Rupya karza lewoonga.
  18. Myn 7000 rupya draft utawoonga.
  19. Myn kiraya say yake ghar bhadey per lewoonga.
  20. Myn usmay mera office chalawoonga.
  21. Myn naya gaadi owr gadee khareedoonga.
  22. Myn parcel/courier kal bejoongaa.
  23. Myn uska jawab ko intezar karoonga.
  24.  Myn dho saal kay baadh shaadi karoonga.
  25. Myn kabhi bhee jagda naheen karoonga.
  26. Myn sabko upadesh dewoonga.
  27. Myn kuch naheen karoonga.
  28. Myn kabhi bhee beemaar naheen padoonga.
  29. Myn bhagawan kay saamnay kada rahoonga.
  30. Myn mereh nowkaronko aggynga dewoonga.
  31. Myn Hindi gaana bath room may gawoonga.
  32. Myn roaj Tamil gaana sunoongaa.
  33. Myn kisikaa dhil naheen tootoongaa. thodoongaa.
  34. Myn hamesha achcha kaam karneh kaa koshish karoonga.
  35. Myn asaaani say sub sikoongaa.
  36. Myn subko Hindi seekaawoonga.
  37. Myn yeh kaam achithara kar sakoonga.
  38. Myn roaj Raam mandhir jawoonga.
  39. Myn Roaj 100 Ram naam likhoonga.
  40. Myn gandha kapda kabhi naheen pehnoonga.
  41. Myn kabhi bookha naheen rahoonga.
  42. Myn bahuth sawal poochoonga.
  43. Myn kal class ko naheen aawoonga.
  44. Myn apnekay liyeh dawa kudh lay aawoonga.
  45. Myn dhus roti banakar myn khud hee khaaloonga.
  46. Myn kabhi chintha naheen karoonga.
  47. Myn kabhi naheen bhagoonga.
  48. Myn dhin mayn naheen sowoonga.
  49. Myn baar baar paanch choclate khawoonga.
  50. Myn ek baar boloonga.
  51. Myn baar baar naheen boloonga.
  52. Myn har dhin snaan karoonga.
  53. Myn subkaa acchchahee sochoonga.
  54. Myn jo baath bolthey hein achithara samajloonga.
  55. Myn kisiko naheen maaroonga.
  56. Myn usko dhus roteeyaan khilawoonga.
  57. Myn hamesha khush rahoonga.
  58. Myn kabhi naheen rowoonga.
  59. Myn achi thara mera mowkaa doondoonga.
  60. Myn kabhi shore naheen machaawoonga.
  61. Myn roaj subah yake ganta time tahaloonga.
  62. Myn kabhi kabhi nachoonga.
  63. Myn apne dhin achithara gujaroonga.
  64. Myn nadhi mayn thaairnaa sikoongaa.
  65. Myn mera darwaja yaa kidki ko kheenchoongaa

Presnt tense

  1. Myn Jagthaa hoom
  2. Myn uttha hoon.
  3. Myn kade hotha hoon.
  4. Myn bytthaa hoon.
  5. Myn haath moon dhothaa hoon.
  6. Myn snaan  kartha hoon.
  7. Myn breakfast khaathaa hoon.
  8. Myn dafthar jaatha hoon.
  9. Myn apna kaan suroo kartha hoon.
  10. Myn phone kartha hoon.
  11. Myn ussay boltha hoon.
  12. Myn uska baath suntha hoon,
  13. Myn yake chitti liktha hoon.
  14. Myn bahar jaatha hoon.
  15. Myn phal khareedtha hoon.
  16. Myn yarn bechthaa hoon.
  17. Myn Dhaaam. ya bhaav poochthaa hoon.
  18. Myn parcel bhej thaa hoon.
  19. Myn courier bejthaa hoon.
  20. Myn ghar apna gadi mayn jaatha hoon.
  21. Myn T.V. dekthaa hoon.
  22. Myn lunch khathaaa hoon.
  23. Myn phir dafthar louthaa  hoon.
  24. Myn phir dafthar vapas jattha hoon.
  25. Myn apna kaaam kudh kartha hoon.
  26. Myn wus ghar mayn rahthaa hoon.
  27. Myn hajaar rupya dhethaa hoon.
  28. Myn roaj sunder khand padtha hoon.
  29. Myn roaj hamesha subah coffee peetha hoon.
  30. Myn dho chamach /karcha/spoon sakkar lethaa hoon.
  31. Myn shaaam ko chay bajeh T.V. dekhthaa hoon.
  32. Myn baath room mayn gathaa hoon.
  33. Myn apneh bachhonkay saaath kabhi kabhi kelthaa hoon.
  34. Myn achitharah hasthaa hoon
  35. Myn kabhi naheen rothaa hoon.
  36. Myn yake businessman hoon.
  37. Myn hamesha such hee boltha hoon.
  38. Myn hamesha achhahee sochthaa hoon.
  39. Myn uska paththaa pooch thaa hoon.
  40. Myn ameer banna chahthaa hoon.
  41. Myn usko bulathaaa hoon.
  42. Myn ussay bahuth pyaar kartha hoon.
  43. Myn usko Hindi sikaathaa hoon.
  44. Myn ussay English seekthaa hoon.
  45. Myn kabhi kabhi nachthaa hoon.
  46. Myn hamesha uska yaad karthaa hoon
  47. Myn kabhi usko bhooltha naheen hoon.
  48. Myn is gaanv mayn subko jaanthaa hoon.
  49. Myn achithara Tamil samajthaa hoon.
  50. Myn usko Naidu Hall mayn hamesha milthaa hoon.
  51. Myn kabhi kabhi jhoot bhee boltha hoon.
  52. Myn mera table saaf kartha hoon.
  53. Myn bell bajathaa hoon.
  54. Myn violin bhee bhajatha hoon.
  55. Myn wahan dho dhin taherthaa hoon.
  56. Myn apna jabe say paisa nikalthaa hoon.
  57. Myn mera kaam abhi katham kartha hoon.
  58. Myn ussay hamesha such bolnay kay liyeh kahtha hoon.
  59. Myn mera office ko barober/ teak samay per pahoonchthaa hoon.
  60. Myn bus stop per rukh jaathaa hoon.
  61. Myn chitti paat dehtha hoon.
  62. Myn aam phal kaatkay khaathaa hoon.
  63. Myn Leena ko shaadi kartha hoon.
  64. Myn ussay bahuth pyaar kartha hoon.
  65. Myn apneh mehmannko sherbet pilathaa hoon.
  66. Myn snaan karney kay baath office jaanay kay liyeh thayyar ho jhathaa hoon.
  67. Myn ameer banna chahthaa hoon.
  68. Myn chaayye bun sakhtha hoon.
  69. Myn subah subah kasrath/yoga karthaa hoon.
  70. Myn mera bhool/galath/ mistake maanthaa hoon.
  71. Myn hamesha mera laaab / fayeedha dhoondthaa hoon.
  72. Myn kabhi kabhi mera purse kho dhethaa hoon.
  73. Myn hamesha kush rahthaa hoon.
  74. Myn badonko aadhar kar thaa hoon.
  75. Myn apna family kaa achchaa kyaal rakthaa hoon.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

past Tense

  1. Myn Khana khaya.
  2. Myn ghar gaya.
  3. Myn maidan mayn kelaa.
  4. Myn woh kithab pada.
  5. Myn woh kaam naheen kiya.
  6. Myn Hindi seekaa.
  7. Myn Tamil sikayaa.
  8. Myn yake chitti likha/ khath likaa.
  9. Myn dhoodh piya.
  10. Myn uskay saath na bola.
  11. Myn kuch bola wo naheen suna.
  12. Myn idher kal aayaa.
  13. Myn 1000 rupyeh diya.
  14.  Myn 100 rupya liya.
  15. Myn 10 ganta time aaaraam kiya,
  16. Myn woh geeth sunaa.
  17. Myn kursi per byta.
  18. Myn mera kaanonn say suna.
  19. Myn mera ankhon say dekha.
  20. Myn  mera hathone say wo kaam kiya.
  21. Myn   bisthar say jaldi utaa.
  22. Myn mera haath owr moonh dhoya.
  23. Myn kal thanda panee mayn snaan kiya.
  24. Myn kal mera paat padna suroo kiya.
  25. Myn bhagwan ko prarthana kiya.
  26. Myn mera ankh bandh kiya.
  27. Myn mera ghar kaa darwaza.kiwaad khola.
  28. Myn kidkee bandh kiya.
  29. Myn kal 20 ganta time soya.
  30. Myn Mumbai mayn dhus dhin raha.
  31. Myn wo kithab wudher raka.
  32. Myn Kal Coimbatore vapas aayaa. /lowtaa.
  33. Myn kal Chennai gyarah bajeh Pahooncha

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hindi-English- Tamil

  1. Myn aaya thaa. Myn bytaa thaa. myn khayya thaa. Myn piya thaa.Myn rotha thaa. myn hasthaa thaa. myn sunthaa thaa, Myn  ghathaa thaa. myn chlathaa thaa.myn dekhthaa thaa. myn kartha thaa. myn paani peethaa thaa.Myn roaj idher aathaa thaa.Myn likhthaa thaa.Myn yahan rahthaa thaa.Myn Hindi padthaa thaa.Myn bath room mayn ghaathhaa thaa.Myn chocolate laathaa thaa.Myn roaj coffee lethaa thaa.Myn jaanthaa thaa.myn roaj radio mayn ghaanaa sunthaa thaa.Myn hamesha jhoot bolthaa thaa.Myn 24 gantaa sothaa thaa.Myn chaar bajeh kabhi kabhi jagthaa thaa.Myn usko dhus rupya dethaa thaa.Myn school mayn roaj khelthaa thaa.Bucket mayn paani bher jaathaa thaa.Myn Tamil achchi tharaa samajthaa thaa.MYn pade per chadthaa thaa. Myn pade say uththur thaa.Myn bhagwan ko roaj bhulaatha thaa. Myn achchaa hee sochthaa thaa.Myn roaj yeh sadak/rastha /road per chalthaa thaa.Myn sub koh pyaar karthaa thaa.Myn plastic cheeez bechthaa thaa. Myn roaj kela khareedhtha thaa.Myn roaj parcel bejthaa thaa.Myn English sikaathaa thaa.Myn Hindi seekthaa thaa.Myn achithara yaadh rakthaa thaa. Myn mera sandook. paetee yahan rakthaa thaa. Myn mera kithab yahab rakthaa thaa.Myn usko Naidu hall mayn mithaa thaa. Us dukhaan mayn ahchaa thale milthaa thaa.Achcha chaawal milthaa thaa.Myn usko bahuth sawaal poochthaa thaa.  Myn usko achchaa jawaab deththaa thaa.Myn yeh kahani kahthaa thaa.Myn mera kamra saaff karthaa thaa.Myn mera gandha kapda dhothaa thaa.Myn dhus bajeh violin bajathaa thaa.Myn bahuth achchaa vichaar kartha thaa.Myn sooraj ko subah dekhthaa thaa.Myn yahan say paanch bajeh nikaaltha thaa.Myn hafthey mayn yake baar nahthaa thaa.Myn subah shaam sothaa thaa.Myn hamesha yaad karthaa thaa. Myn usko achithara bhool jaathaa thaa.Myn us ladkiyonka naam janthaa thaa.Myn wahan teak chay bajeh pahoonchthaa thaa.Myn gyarah bajeh rawana hotha thaa.Myn kuch kaam karney kaa layak naheen thaa.Myn coffee peena suroo karthaa thaa. Myn chayyi peena choda thaa.Myn yeh barah bajeh khatham karthaa thaa.Myn paanch bajeh puree kartha thaa.Myn roaj sherbuth lethaa thaa.Myn usko kabhi maaf naheen karthaa thaa.Myn dafthar( office) say saath bajeh loutthaa thaa.Myn dhare say dukhan jaathaa thaa.myn Hindi achithara naheen Jaanthaa thaa. Myn tamil achithara maaloom naheen kar saktha thaa.Myn kabhi kush naheen thaa.Myn chocolate pasandh naheen karthaa thaa.Myn kisiko  madath naheen kartha thaa.Myn garam paani naheen isthmaal kartha thaa.Myn raath bur dheeeyaa jalathaa thaa.Myn usko naheen pahchaanthaa thaa.Myn yeh paat sikhnaa chahthaa thaa.Myn shaadi karna naheen chahthaa thaa.Myn udhaar lena pasand naheen kaththa thaa.Myn usko manaa kartha thaa.Myn hamesha mera moonh bandh rahthaa thaa.Myn mera kasoor maantha thaa.Myn hamesha mera fayehda/laab doondthaa thaa.Myn nuksan kabhi pasand naheen kartha thaa.Myn achithara mehnuth kartha thaa.Myn roaj subah saaf hawa mayn tahalthaa thaa.Myn hamesha has thaa thaa. Myn kabhi naheen rothaa thaa.Myn gareeeb logonko ijjat karthaa  thaa.Myn kisika parwaah naheen kartha thaa.Myn mera mun ko jeeth naheen saktha thaa.Myn achchi tharah koshish kartha thaa.myn thej saykabhi naheen baghthaa thaaa.Myn hamesha kush rahthaa thaa.Myn baraber/teak samay paa naheen saktha thaa.Myn apna samay khona naheen chahthaa thaa.Myn dhoodh ko giraa dhetha thaa.Myn mera purana kithab fankk dehtha thaa.Myn mereh kuththay ko biscuit khilathaa thaa.Myn uska haath chodd detha thaa.Myn mera gussay ko hata dena chahthaa thaa.Myn subkaa baath maan lethaa thaa.Myn mera bhai say chocolate cheen letha thaa.Myn woh gaynd hamesha pakad letha thaa.Myn kabhi naheen chillathaa thaa.Myn akela kuch naheen khathaa thaa.Myn kisiko achcha karnay say naheen rokhthaa thaa.Myn tahlifkonko naheen sahen saktha thaa.Myn achcha mowkaa kho dhethaa thaa.


  1. mera.        yeh mera ghar hai.
  2. thumhara  Thumhara ghar kidher hai?
  3. Iska           Iska kaam achcha naheen hai.
  4. Uska         uska thasweer( chitra)  sundar hai.
  5. Hamara     Bharat Hamara desh hai,
  6. Aap kaa    App kaa office kidher hai?
  7. Inka          inka kithab who hai.
  8. Unka        unka gaadi wudher hai.
  9. Kiska        yeh cycle kiska hai?
  10. Kiskay     Wo kiskay  pass gaya?
  11. mayree.    yeh mayree choti bahen hai.
  12. thumhari  Thumhari badee bahen kaa naam kya hai?
  13. Iski          Iski bahen idher naheen aathee hai.
  14. Uski        Uski maa wudher roaj jaathee hai.
  15. Kiski       kiski bahen kaa naam Seetha hai?
  16. Hamari   Hamari maa khana banathee hai.
  17. AApka    Aapka ghra kidher hai?
  18. thumhare  Thumhare Pitajee kya karthey hein?
  19. kiski        Kamala kiski bahen hai?
  20. kaa          Sekhar kaa ghar kidher hai?
  21. Thumhare  Thumhare dosth kaa naam kya hai?
  22. mera           yeh mera kahani hai.
  23. unki           Unki dukhaan station kay saamney hai,
  24. uska           Uska naam Krishna hai.
  25. Inka          Inkaa naam kya hai?  sarala hai

Friday, June 26, 2015


  1. Naan nethikki paal sappittane.Myn kal doodh piya. I drank milk yesterday.
  2. myn udhergaya. Naan angeh ponane. I went there.
  3. Myn yake game khela. naan oru attam vilayadinane. I played one game.
  4. kal myn naheen pada. netthikki naan padikkallai .I didn't read.
  5. Myn woh kaam naheen kiya. naan andha velai seyyallai. I didn't do that work.
  6. Myn Hindi seekha, naan Hindi kathukittane. I learnt Hindi.
  7. Hari wuska ghar mayn thaa. Hari avan veetleh irundhaan. Hari was in his house.
  8. myn woh chitti naheen likha. Naan andha kadidham eludhallai.I didn't write that letter.
  9. Myn coffee nahenn piya. Naan coffee kudikkallai. I didn't drink coffee.
  10. Myn idher aap ko dekhnay aaya. naan ingeh ungalai paakka vandhane. I came here to see you. to meet you.
  11. Myn uskay saath naheen bola. naan avanudan pesallai. I didn't speak with him.
  12. Myn udher thoda samay bytaa. naan angeh konja neram utkarndhane. I sat there for some time/
  13. Myn wo gaanaa kal sunaaa. naan nethikki andha pattai kettane.I listened to the song yesterday.
  14. Myn bagheechaa  mayn aaraam kiya. Naan gardenlay rest panninane. I took rest in the garden.
  15. Myn agarwal say mitayee laayaa. naan agalwal lendhu sweet vangikittu vandhane. I brought sweets from Agarwal.
  16. Myn usko yake Hajaar rupya diya. Naan avanukku 1000 ruba koduthane. I gave Rs.1000 to him.
  17. myn violin bajayaa. naan violin vaasichane. I played violin.
  18. myn kela khaayaa. naan palam sappittane. I ate banana.
  19. Myn aaj paanch bajeh utaa. naan innikki 5 manikku elundhane. I got up at 5 O'clock.
  20. haath moonh dhoya, snaan kiya,saaf kapda pehnaa. kai mugam alambinane kulichane clean dress pottukittanne. I washed my hands and face, took bath and then put on or wore clean clothes.

Monday, June 15, 2015


  1. Myn udher gaya. whudher koi naheen thaa.
  2. Naan angeh ponane. angeh Yaroom illai. gaya ponane. koi yaroom
  3. I went there.There was no one there. koi   no one.
  4. Myn udher gaya. Mujeh kuch bee naheen mila. kuch bee eduwumay even something
  5. Naan angeh ponane. enakku edhuwumay kidaikallai.
  6. I went there  ,I did not get even something. I got nothing. Kuch bee even something, nothing.
  7. Kuch bee kaho .Edawadhu sollu.Tell something.
  8. Kuch na kaho. Edhuwum solladhay.Don't tell anything.
  9. Yeh padkar kyaa laaab/ fayeedha hoga?
  10. idhai padichee enna laabam?
  11. What is the benefit in reading this?
  12. App kudh yay kaam keejeeyay.
  13. neenga neengalaway indha velaiyai seyyunga.
  14. sir, you do this work yourself.  kudh self neengalagaway.
  15. Ram woh kaam kudh kartha hai.
  16. Ram avanaway avan velai seyyraan.
  17. Ram does his work himself.
  18. Kisikaa bura muth socho.
  19. Yarukkum kedudhal ninaikkaadhe.
  20. Don't think ill of any one.
  21. tho, myn kisiko bura kar saktha hoon kya?
  22. appadinna, naan yarukkum kedudhal seyyalaama?
  23. so, Can I do bad for someone?

Saturday, June 13, 2015


  1. Myn dhoodh peetha hoon. naan paal kudikkirane.I drink milk.
  2. Myn chaayyi naheen peetha. peethee. Naan tea kudipaadhillai. I don't drink tea.
  3. Myn chitti/khath likhthaa hoon. naan kadudasi eludhurane.I write letter.
  4. Myn school/madharasa/ paatsaala jaathaa hoon.Naan schoolkku porane. I go to school.
  5. Myn  paatsaala naheen jaatha. jaathee. Naan pallikoodam pogallai. I do not go to school.
  6. Myn aaj Chennai jaathaa hoon. jaathee hoon. Naan innikki Chennai porane. I go to Chennai today.
  7. Myn yake mahineh say yahan rahthaa hoon. Naan ingeh oru maasama vasikkirane. I live here since last month. one month.
  8. Myn mera paat padtha hoon. naan enn paadum padikkirane. I read my lessons.
  9. Myn abhi ghar jaathaa hoon. jaathee hoon. naan ippo veetukku porane. I go home just now.
  10. Myn gaanv jaa raha hoon. naan enn oorukku poi kondu irukkane. I am going to my village.
  11. Myn gaaa rahaa hoon. rahee hoon. Naan paadikonduirukkirane. I am singing .
  12. Myn aap kay liyeh yake kithab  laaya hoon.Naan ungalukkaga oru puththagam kondu vandhu irukkane.I have brought a book for you.
  13. Myn aap kay bhayee ko bahuth dhin say jaanthaa hoon.Unga brother ai enakku romba naalaa theriyum.I know your brother for a long time.
  14. Myn roaj shaam ko Hindi seekthaa hoon.Naan daily sayandram hindi kaththukirane.I learn hindi daily in the evening.
  15. Achchaa, abhi myn jaathaa/jathee hoon.nalladhu, ippo naan porane. well, I go just now.
  16. Myn aap kay baareh mayn bahuth naheen jaanthaa. Enakku ungalai paththi adhigama theiyadhu.I don't know much about you.
  17. Myn thumeh khoob jaanthaa hoon. Enakku ungalai nalla  theriyum. I know you  very well.
  18. mereh paas abhi sirf 100 rupyaa hee hai. enkitteh ippo Rs. 100 dhaan irukku. I have with me only Rs. 100 now.
  19. Myn usko naheen bulaayaa. naan avanai koopidalai.I didn't call him.
  20. Myn is gaanv mayn subko jaantha hoon. indha oorleh enakku elloraiyum theriyum.I know all people in this village.
  21. Myn dho bajeh say paanch bajeh thuk idher rahthaa hoon.naan ingeh randu manilendhu anju mani varaikkum ingeh ieukkirane. I stay here from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock.
  22. Myn aaj Gopal kay ghar jaawoonga. jaawoongi.Naan innikki Gopal veetukku powane.I will go to Gopal's house today.
  23. Haan, myn jaroor aawoonga. aawoongi.yes. I will come surely and certainly. Naan nichayama varuwane.
  24. Myn iseh naheen kharidhoonga. naan idhai waanga mattane. I will not buy this at all.
  25. Myn unkay ghar mayn miloonga. naan avar veetleh meet pannuwane. I will meet him in his house.
  26. Myn yaahaan dho dhin taharoonga. naan ingeh randu naal thanguwane. I will stay here for two days.
  27. mujeh sab ladkiyonkay  kay naam maaloom hai. enakku ella pennoda payerum theriyum. I know the names of all the girls.
  28. Myn akeleh wahan naheen jaanaa chahthaa. Naan angeh thaniya poga virumballai. I do not want to go there alone.

Friday, June 12, 2015

vowels and consonants in Hindi


  1. abb thum kahan /kidher ho? abb now ippo
  2. ippo nee engeh irukkay?
  3. Where are you now?  kahan where engeh
  4. Aaj kownsa dhin hai? kownsa what enna,endha dhin dinam kilamai
  5. Innikki enna kilamai?
  6. What's the date today?
  7. Aaj kownsa thareek hai?    thareek date thedhi
  8. Innikki enna thedhi?
  9. What's the date today?
  10. kal kownsa dhin hai?
  11. Nalaikki enna kilamai?
  12. what's the day tomorrow?
  13. Bucket bhar gaya kya?  bhar full nirayaradhu
  14. Bucket rombiduchcha?
  15. Is the bucket full?
  16. thum kub aawogey? kub when eppo
  17. neee eppo varuweh?
  18. When will you come?
  19. yeh kya hai? yey  this idhu kya what enna
  20. idhu enna?
  21. what's this?
  22. Thum kown Ho? thum nee you kown who yaaru
  23. Who are you?
  24. nee yaroo?
  25. Mujeh kuch khaneko dho. mujeh for me enakku kuch edhwadhu anything something khaneko sappida to eat dho kodu give
  26. enakku edhawadhu sappida kodu.
  27. Give me something to eat.
  28. Aap kaa shub naam kya hai?
  29. aap kaa thangaludaiya  shub naam good name nalla payer 
  30. ungaludaiya nalla payer enna?
  31. what's your good name?Ask this only in Hindi and not in English or Tamil.
  32. Thumhara Ghar kidher/kahan hai? ghar veedu house
  33. unn veedu engeh irukku? thumhara your unnudaiya
  34. Where's your house?
  35. Myn dhin raath kaam kartha hoon.dhin day pagul kalai raath night kaam work kartha hoon seyyerane.
  36. Kaliayileyum rathrileyum velai seyyrane.
  37. I work day and night.
  38. mereh saath thum bhee aawo.
  39. mereh saath ennkooda with me bhee also too umm
  40. aawo waa come
  41. ennkooda neeyum waa.
  42. You also come with me.
  43. Kya baath hai? baath word,matter vishayam
  44. enna vishayam? 
  45. What's the matter?
  46. Myn bhool gaya. bhool forget marandhidaradhu
  47. naan marandhittane
  48. I forgot.
  49. Gaayee dhoodh dethee hai.
  50. Pasu paal  kodukkudhu.
  51. Cow gives milk.
  52. Aam yake phal hai. aam mamabalam mango
  53. yake onnu one phal fruit
  54. Mango is a fruit.
  55. Mamabalam oru palam.
  56. Thum yay kaam abhi karo.
  57. yay this indha kaam work velai abhi ippo karo seyyi
  58. Do this work now.
  59. uto owr udoh
  60.  uto elundhiri get up udoh fly  para  owr and umm
  61. eloundhiri appuram para.
  62. Get up and fly.
  63. chaayee peewo chaayee tea tea peewo kudi drink
  64. tea kudi.
  65. Drink tea.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


  1. Myn abhi thuk soyaaa thaa. soyee thee. I was sleeping upto now.Naan idhu variyilum thoongikittu irundhane.
  2. Abhi abhi jaaga. jaagee Now only I woke up. Ippo dhan mulichikittane,
  3. Abhi say aaj say myn jaldi utungaa. utungee. From today, from now I will get up early. innilendhu,ippolendhu seegrum elundhiruppane.
  4. Myn soyee thaa/thee. I was sleeping. naan thoongikittu irundhane.
  5. myn swapna dekha/ dekhi. I dreamt. naan sopnam parthane.
  6. myn udthaa thaa/ udthee thee. I was flying. naan parandhukonday irundhane.
  7. Myn utaa/utee I got up. naan elundhane.
  8. Haat moonh saaaf kiya/ kee. Washed my hands and mouth.kaiyai vaayai clean panninane.
  9. dhoodh piya/ pee drank milk paal kudichane.
  10. phal khayaa/khayee ate fruit palam sappittane.
  11. uska ghar gaya/gayee went to his house. avan veettukku ponane.
  12. jhoot bola. bolee. told lies poi sonnane.
  13. phir such bola. bolee then told the truth. appuram unmai sonnane.
  14. kursi per bytaa/bytee sat on the chair. chair meleh utkarndhane.
  15. Chaayyi piya/pee. drank tea. tea kudichane.
  16. paisa diya/dhee gave money. panam koduthane.
  17. cinema gaya/ gayee went to the movie. cinema ponane.
  18. phir vapas aayaa/ aayee. came back. thirumbi vandhane.
  19. baadh mayn paat pada/ padee. read my lessons. appuram en padathai padichane.
  20. darwaza owr kidkhee khola/ kohlee  kadawaiyum/jannalaiyum thorandhane.
  21. ek chitti likhaa/ likhee wrote a letter. oru kadudasi eludhinane.
  22. baher gaya/ gayee/ went out. veliyileh ponane.
  23. ek kithaab khareedah/karidhee. bought one book. oru pusthagam vaanginane.
  24. uskaa/uskee baath sunaa/sunee. I listened to his/her words. naan avan/aval varthiyai kayttane.
  25. mujeh wo dhahee diya/ he/she gave curd. aval enakku thayir koduthaan/kodutthaal


  1. Thanni kondu waa
  2. Paani laawo
  3. Bring water.
  4. Palam Thinnu
  5. Phal khawo
  6. Take fruit.
  7. Veettukku po
  8. Ghar jaawo
  9. Go home.
  10. Unmai pesu.
  11. Such bolo
  12. Speak the truth.
  13. kalaiyil elundhiru.
  14. Sabereh uto.
  15. Rise up in the morning.
  16. Chaay kudi
  17. Chaaya peewo.
  18. drink tea.
  19. summa iru.
  20. chup raho
  21. keep quiet.
  22. paisa kodu
  23. paisa Dho
  24. give money
  25.  angeh po
  26. udher chalo/jaawo
  27. go there
  28. ingeh waa
  29. Idher aawo
  30. come here
  31. velai seyy
  32. kaam karo
  33. do the work.
  34. padaam padi
  35. Paat pado
  36. read the lessons.
  37. kaanai thora
  38. Aankh kholo
  39. open your eyes
  40. kadidham eludhu
  41. khath likho
  42. write  the letter.
  43. Kudhirai vaangu
  44. ghoda khareedho
  45. buy  the horse.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

learn Hindi/English/Tamil

  1. aanaa - to come- vara
  2. utnaa- to get up, to rise  elundrikka
  3. udnaa - to fly- parakka
  4. utaaanaa - to lift -thookka
  5. kamana-  to earn- sambaathikka
  6. karna-- to do - seyya
  7. kahnaa- to tell- solla
  8. kaatnaa- to cut- vettudhal
  9. koodhnaa- to jump- kudhikka
  10. khareedhna-- to buy- vaangaa
  11. khaanaa- to eat- sappida
  12. kheenchnaa- to pull- ilukka
  13. khona- to lose- lose paanna
  14. kholnaa- to open- thirakka
  15.  ghinnnaa- to count-  enna
  16.  ghaanaa- to sing- paada
  17. girnaa- to fall- vila
  18. chadnaa- to climb- yeraa
  19. utharna-- to climb down, or to get down
  20. chalnaa - to move- nagara.poga
  21.  chahnaa- to want to wish virumbaa
  22. churaanaa- to steal - thiruda
  23. choona- to touch- thoda
  24. chodna- to leave- vittu vida
  25. jaagna- to wake up-mulichikka
  26. jaanna- to know - therinjikka
  27. jeethnaa- to win- vella, jayikka
  28. samajna- to understand- purinjikka
  29. tootna- to break- udaiya
  30. tahernaa- to stay ,to wait  -thanga
  31. bandh karna- to close- mooda
  32. kholna-- to  open- thirakka
  33. Doondnaa- to search- theda
  34. Sochna to think- ninaikka
  35. ronaa- to weep,to cry- alaa
  36. Hasnaa- to laugh- sirikka
  37. dekhnaa- to see- paarkka
  38. tholnaa- to weigh- weight paakka
  39. Dhena- to give- kodukka
  40. lena- to take- eduthukka
  41. nahna- to take bath- kulikka
  42. pakadnaa- to catch- pidikka
  43.  padna-  to read,to study -padikka
  44. pakanaa- to cook- samayal seyya
  45.  pahenna- to wear- anindhukolla.udukka
  46.  milna- to get-vadaiya
  47. milna - to meet- sandhikka, meet panna
  48. paalnaa- to breed, to bring up. Valarkka
  49. peetnaa- to beat- adiththal - adikka
  50. Peena - to drink- kudikka
  51.  bulaanaa- to call- alaikka
  52. phenkhnaa- to throw- eriya
  53. bathaanaa- to inform- therivikka
  54. bhaagnaa- to run- oda
  55.  bhoolnaa- to forget - marakka
  56. yaadh karna- to remember- ninaikka
  57. sunna- to hear -ketkaa
  58. bejnaa- to send- anuppa
  59. bechnaa= to sell= virka
  60. biknaa- to sell- vikka
  61. maarna= to beat- adikka
  62. maangnaa- to ask- ketka
  63. raknaa- to keep- vaikka
  64. rahnaa- to live, to reside, to stay vasikka
  65. roak naa- to stop niruththa
  66. Hasnaa- to laugh- sirikka
  67. muskraana- to smile- pun sirikka
  68. laana- to bring- kondu wara
  69.  lena - to take- edhuthukka
  70. latenaa- to lie down- paduthukka
  71. loutnaa to return, to come back- thriumbi vara
  72. seekhna= to learn- karrukolla
  73. sikhana - to teach - solli thara,karrru kodukka
  74. seena- to stitch- thaikka
  75. sahna- to bear- poruthukkolla
  76. sakhna - to be able- seyya mudiyaa,saadhiyamaga
  77. sajanaa- to decorate, to make up- alangarikka
  78. sona-  to sleep thoonga
  79. bytnaa- to sit utkaara
  80. jhoot bolna- to tell lies poi sollradhu

Saturday, June 6, 2015

John Shultz Explains How A Sundial Works

How to make a sundial


  1. Naan nethikki cinema ponane.
  2. Myn kal cinema gaya thaa.
  3. I went to cinema yesterday.
  4. Naan-myn-I, nehtikki-kal-yesterday. ponane-gaya thaa,went.
  5. Innikki naan Chennai porane.
  6. Aaaj myn Chennai jaatha hoon.
  7. I go to Chennai today.
  8. Innikki aaj  naan  myn, porane jaatha hoon  I go.
  9. Nalaikki Naan Mumbai powane.
  10. Kal myn Mumbai Jaawoonga.
  11. Nalaikki kal  tomorrow powane jaawoonga will go.
  12. Naan coffee kudikka maattane.
  13. Myn coffee naheen peetha.
  14. I don't drink coffee.
  15. naheen no.not kudikka peena to drink  peetha don't drink
  16. Naan eppowoom poi solla matttane.
  17. Myn hamesha jhoot naheen boltha.
  18. eppowum hamesha poi jhoot lie boltha speak.
  19. I don't tell lies always.
  20. appo appo unmai pesuwane.
  21. kabhi kabhi such boloonga.
  22. Sometimes I tell truth.
  23. appo appo kabhi kabhi unmai such truth pesuwane will speak/tell
  24. enakku halwa romba pidikkum
  25. mujeh halwa bahuth pasand hai.
  26. I like Halwa too much.
  27. enakku mujeh for me,to me romba adheek,zyadha bahuth,
  28. pidikkum pasand like.
  29. mujko aap pyaar karo.
  30. Ennai ellorum nesinga.anbu kattunga
  31. ennai.enakku mujko ellorum sub loak pyaar anbu,nesam kattoonga show..
  32. You all love affection on me.
  33. enakku niraya eludha pidikkadhu.
  34. mujeh zyadha likhna pasand naheen hai.
  35. I don't like writing too much.
  36. enakku mujeh   zyadha niraya romba pasand like 
  37. Ivar yaaru? yeh kown hai? Who is this?
  38. avarukku enna venum? wunko kyaa chaheeyeh?
  39. aap kaa shub naam kya hai? what's your name? May I have your name please? How are you called? unga payer enna?
  40. Aap kahan rahthey hein? Neenga engeh vasikreenga? where do you live?
  41. Thoo kyoon hospital jaatha hai?
  42. Thum kyoon hospital jaathey ho?
  43. aap kyoon hospital jaathey hein?
  44. Thoo nee. thum nee kyoon yane why? jaatha hai? do you go
  45. Jaathey ho? do you go?
  46. jaathey hein? do you go?
  47. thoo yahan kaisa aathaa hai? nee ingeh eppadi varray?
  48. How do you come here? yahan ingeh here kaisa eppadi how?
  49. aatha hai?do you come?
  50. thum wahan kaiseh jaathey ho? nee angeh eppadi poray?
  51. How do you go there? wahan angeh there. kaiseh eppadi how?
  52. thum kub aayeh? thum nee  you kub eppo  when aayeh vandhay came/did come/
  53. nee eppo vandhey? When did you come?
  54. kown who yaaru 
  55. kya enna edhu what which
  56. kyoon yane why
  57. kaisa eppadi how
  58.  kub eppo when
  59. kahan,kidher engeh where/
  60. kithnay how many eththanai
  61. kithna how much ewwalawu
  62. kiska whose yarudaiya
  63. thum kown ho?
  64. thumeh kya chaheeyeh?
  65. thum kyoon cinema jaathey ho?
  66. thum kaisay ho?
  67. Thoo kaisa hai?
  68. aap kaiseh hein?
  69. aap kub yahan aayengeh?
  70. wo kahan rahthaa hai? wo kidher rahthaa hai?
  71. wo T.V. kithnay kaa hai? how much is that T.V?
  72. aap kay pass kithnay rupyay hein? How many rupees do you have?
  73. mujeh kithna pyaar karthe ho? How much do you love me?
  74. yeh abhi kaafi hai kya? idhu ippo porumaa? Is this enough now?
  75. Padi,therinjiko, purinjiko
  76. seeko, maloom karlo, samaj lo
  77. read, know it, understand it.
  78. sadha kush raho.
  79. Be happy always.
  80. Eppawum Sandhoshama iru.

Friday, June 5, 2015


  1. Nee ippo sollu  unakku enna venum nnu?
  2. Abhi bolo thumeh kya chaheeyeh?
  3. Tell me what you want?
  4. ippo andha kadaikki powoma?
  5. Abhi wo dukhan ko jayengey?
  6. Shall we go to that shop?
  7. Haan, abhi naheen phit jayengay.
  8. No.Not now.later.
  9. ippo illai appuram powome.
  10. Stationery shop poneeyaa?
  11. Stationery shop gaya kya?
  12. Did you go to the stationery shop?
  13. Innkkki nichayam powane.
  14. Aaj myn jaroor jawoonga.
  15. I will surely go today.
  16. Angeh enna vaanga poray?
  17. What will you buy there?
  18. Udher thum kya khareedhogay?
  19. Avar velai koduthaare?
  20. usneh kaam diya kya?
  21. Did he give that work?
  22. Raghu kaam diya kya?
  23. Did Raghu give that work?
  24. Raghu velai koduthaara?
  25. velai irukku, seegram vaanga.
  26. kaam hai, jaldi aayeeyeh.
  27. yes. please come soon.
  28. mujeh abhi bahar jaana hai.
  29. enakku urgentaa veliyileh poganum.
  30. I have to go urgently.
  31. unakku enna venum?
  32. thumeh kya chaheeyeh?
  33. What do you want?
  34. Innikki indha velai oru manikkuleh mudikkanum.
  35. Aaj yay kaam yake bhajeh kay pahileh karna hai.
  36. We have to finish this job before 1 o'clock.
  37. yane innum mudikallai?
  38. Kyoon naheen kathaam kiya?
  39. Why didn't you finish it?
  40. naan enga paatti veettukku poi irundhane.
  41. Myn mera dadhi kay ghar gaya thaa.
  42. I had been to my grandmother's place.
  43. andha repair item mudijudha?
  44. Wo repair item ho gaya kya?
  45. Is that repair item finished?
  46. eppo mudiyum?
  47. kabhi hoga?
  48. when will it finish?
  49. innum randu mani nerathilay mudiyum
  50. owr dho ganta time mayn katham hoga.
  51. It will finish in another two hours

Monday, May 18, 2015


  1. Taniyah engeyum pogadhay.
  2. Akeleh kahan bee muth jaana.
  3. Don't go alone anywhere.
  4. Avan adikkadi ingeh varrraan.
  5. Wo aksar yahan aathaa hai.
  6. He comes here often.
  7. muraiarra/thappana velai edhuwum seyyadhay.
  8. Anuchith /galath kaam kuch bee muth karna
  9. Don't do any improper work/job/task.
  10. Adhai thani thaniya eduthu wai.
  11. Wo sub alag alag karkay rako.
  12. keep them separately.
  13. Ippo ellam ellarum poyee niraya solranga.
  14. Aaj kal sub loag joot zyadha bolthey hein.


  1. udher parcel dhaythey hein kya? avanga parcel tharuwangala?
  2. thum kidher khaayeh? nee engeh sappittay?
  3. haan, dhay thay hein. amaam, tharranga.
  4. thumeh kuch chaheeyay, tho mujeh bathawo.
  5. unakku edhwadhu venumnaa en kitteh sollu.
  6. paisa abhi chaheeyeh kya? ippo paisa venuma?
  7. naheen.illai. haan yes.
  8. Kithna paisa chaheeyay? Ewwalawu paisa venum?
  9. yay lo.Hajar rupya. take this Rs. 1000/-
  10. gyara, baara, thera, chowdha, Pandhra, solah, satara, attarah, unnnees, bees.
  11. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  12. yeh loh bees rupaiya. take this Rs. 20/-
  13. paanch sow rupya dho. Give me Rs. 500/-
  14. yake maar lo. Take one beating.
  15. Dho maar dho. give two beatings.
  16. yeh lena. idhai eduthukko.
  17. wo dhena. adhai kodu.
  18. yeh blue color pen lena.indha bloe color pena eduthukko.
  19. Wo green pena mujeh dena. enakku andha green penawai kodu.
  20. yeh dhus gram sona lena. Indha 10 gram thangathai ehuthukko.
  21. wo dhus jimki/stud dhey dena.
  22. andha 10 stud/ jimki koduthudu.
  23. thumeh kownsa kaam achcha maloom hai?
  24. Unakku endha velai nalla theriyum?
  25. Stud karna achcha maaloom hai.
  26. stud seyya nalla theriyum.
  27. yeh thum abhi karo.
  28. Nee ippo idhai seyy.
  29. thum yeh karna jaroor hai.
  30. Idhu nee nichayam seyya vendum.
  31. Myn phir  bathawoonga.
  32. Naan appuram solrane.
  33. idher udher muth dekhnaa.
  34. Ingeyum angeyum pakkadhay.
  35. mujeh hindi thoda thoda maloom hai.
  36. enakku konjam konjam hindi theriyum.
  37. aapko Hindi malloom hai kya?
  38. ungallakku  hindi theriyuma?
  39. khanaa khaa liya kya?
  40. sappittiyaa?
  41. aaj kya karna hai?
  42. innikki enna seyyanum?
  43. aaj thumeh kownsa kaaam hai?
  44. Unakku innikki enna velai irukku?
  45. yeh kaam kabhi katham hoga?
  46. Indha velai eppo mudiyum?

Hindi- Tamil

  1. Galthee- Bhool- thappu.
  2. kaarun- karanam
  3. Maalik- master, kadavul.mudalali
  4. Paththar-- kal
  5. Myn achcha jaanthaa hoon.enakku nalla theriyum
  6. Myn jo boltha hoon, samajthay ho kya?
  7. Naan solradhu unakku puriyudha?
  8. Myn naheen samajtha. enaakku puriyavillai.
  9. Phir, yake baar bolo.innum oru dhadawai sollu.
  10. khaaneh kay liyeh  jaawo./jaana/ sappida po.
  11. Jaldi vapas aana. seegram thirumbi waa.
  12. Uska kaam achchaa naheen hai. Avanoda velai nalla illai.
  13. uska bhayyi idher naheen hai. avanoda brother ingeh illai.
  14. Yeh gadi kiska hai? indha vandi yarudhu?
  15. mera naheen hai. ennudhu illai.
  16. uska hai. avanodadhu.
  17. (Thum) kub idher aaya? nee eppo ingeh vandhay?
  18. (thum) abhi idher aawo. nee ippo ingeh waa.
  19. (Thum) jaldi aaana. bhaiyya. nee seegram waa. kanna
  20. (Thum) kub aawogay? nee eppo varuway?
  21. thumeh kidher pasand hai/(thumeh) kownsa hotel pasand hai wudher khaa lena.
  22. Unakku endha hotel pidikkumo angeh yay sappidu.
  23. yeh iska gadi hai. idhu ivanoda vandi.
  24. Wo wuska cycle hai. adhu avanoda cycle.
  25. Abhi thum jaawo phir jaldi vapas aana.
  26. nee ippo poh appuram seegram thirumbi was.
  27. Yeh kaam achchi thara karo.Indha velayai nalla padi seyy.
  28. Yeh design aisaa hee karo. Indha design madhiriyay seyy.
  29. Yay hee design hai.idhu dhan andha design.
  30. Aisaahee karo. ippadiyay seyy.
  31. Samaj gaya kya? purinjudha?
  32. Yeh kaam kay liyeh kya kya chaheeyay? indha velaikki enna enna venum?
  33. thumeh kyakya chaheeyay?unakku enna ellaam venum?
  34. Thumhara idea kuch hai tho bathwo.un idea edhawadhu irundha sollu.
  35. thumhara idea say karkay bathawo. un idea polay senju kaami.
  36. Mujeh aisaa design hee hona hai.
  37. Enakku indha design pola  thaan venum.
  38. Aisaahee design may karna. Indha design polaway seyy.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


  1. megam- baadhal- cloud
  2. virundhali- mehmaan- guest
  3. desam- desh.mulk country
  4. meeting- sabha- meeting.(koottam)
  5. thappu.mistake- bhool,galthee- mistake
  6. karanum- kaarun- reason
  7.  virundhu- daawath- feast.
  8. valkai-jeevan- life.
  9. number-lakkam- sankya- number
  10. sandharpam- mowka- opportunity,chance
  11. nooru- soww- hundred
  12. mudalali- Maalik, proprietor, master.
  13. nambikkai- viswaas, yakeen- faith,confidence.
  14. kal- paththar- stone
  15. pakkaththu  veetukkarar- padosee- neighbour
  16.  prayani- musafir- passenger
  17.  unmai- such- truth
  18.  nalladhaga- behthar- better
  19.  Poyyi- joot- lie, false
  20. buddhisaliyana- hosiyaar- clever,careful
  21. Enakku nalla theriyum.
  22. Myn khoob jaanthaa hoon.
  23. I know very well.
  24. enakku Rajnikaanth ai parkka sandharpam kidaikallai.
  25. mujeh Rajnikaanth ko dekhneh mowka naheen mila.
  26. I didn't get a chance to meet Rajnikant.
  27. ennudaiya pakkathu veettukarar oru business man.
  28. mera Padosi yake business man hai.
  29. My neighbour is a businessman.
  30. andha sivappu sattaikaran nalla padugiraan.
  31. wo laal khamis wala bahuth ahchcaa gaathaa hai.
  32. The red shirt man sings very well.
  33. Andha thanga ring enna vilai?
  34. Wo soneh kaa angooti kaa keemath /bhav kya hai/
  35. What's the price of that golden ring?
  36. adhu thanga modhiram illai.
  37. Wo soneh kaa angooti neheen hai.
  38. It isn't a gold ring.
  39. inraikku nalla naal.
  40. Aaj achchaa dhin hai
  41. Today is a good day.
  42. elundhri,parandhu poh.
  43. utoh and udthay chalo.
  44. Get up and fly.
  45. keeleh vilundha seegram elundhiri.
  46. neechay gireh tho jaldi uto.
  47. if you fall down, get up soon/quickly/ at once.
  48. enaaku romba bayama irukku.
  49. Mujeh durr lagtha hai.
  50. I am afraid.
  51. kannai thorah/
  52. aankay kholo.
  53. open your eyes.
  54. ingeh vilayadadhay.
  55. yahan muth khelo.
  56. Don't play here.
  57. smoking gai vittudu.
  58. Smoking chod dho.
  59. Leave smoking.
  60. edhaiyum odaikaadhay.
  61. kuch bhee muth thodoh.
  62. don't break anything.
  63. angeh seegram poyee seroo.
  64. Wudher jaldi pahuncho.
  65. yane andha thuniyai kilikkiray?
  66. thum kyoon woh kapda paadthay ho?
  67. Why do you tear the cloth?
  68. nee ingeyeh iru.
  69. Thum yahan hee roko. ruk jaawo.
  70. You stay stop here.
  71. Aladhay,ippo nee aladhay.
  72. rona nahin, abhi thum muth rona.
  73. weep not now.
  74. appo eppo seyya?
  75. phir kabhi karoon?
  76. When shall I do that?
  77. unakku ippo idhu purijudha?
  78. Yeh abhi thumko samaj aayaa kya?
  79. did you understand now?